Williamstown Decking and feature wall


Our client wanted to extend the decking and create a flat area in an unused unpractical space. TradeLyfe suggested to pull up the old decking and salvage whatever frame work we could, but why just have a flat area? Let put some bamboo tress in with flush plate LED lights along the wall and in the base of the bamboo tree, this looked amazing as a feature at night especially from inside the house with the white light shining up the tree, the bright green of the bamboo really was a head turner.

Feature wall

With a lot of glass windows in the house our client was sick of looking a his painted cypress pine fence and wanted a feature that would incorporate the merbue. Tradelyfe designed and build a feature wall that came up 2.4m high out of back marine ply (weather resistant) high not only for privacy when hosting guests but a black shadow lined feature in the middle that would break up the merbau. With white light shining up the wall on the shadow line and the green of the bamboo falling on the black feature it look truly amazing from the inside of the house at night.

  • Designed and liaised closely with our clients to for fill more then there vision
  • TradeLyfe definitely used their A grade electricians to install external lighting
  • Being in Williamstown it added tremendous value to the property, money well spent.

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