Park Hotel – Werribee


Timber is back in! We straightened and lasered our ceiling battens to this old warehouse ceiling with steel rondo track. For a super flat timber finish. Why? Rondo ceiling track allows movement. if we fixed out sheeting straight to the old hard wood batons any movement would result in sheets popping, not something that you would in a pub or public place! That’s bad for business.

Dj booth

We built a risen platform stage for the dj booth sounded by vertical 40 x 40 dressed merbue. Looked fantastic!

Bathroom partitions

We build all the bathroom partitions out or black form ply and aluminium track. Why? Form ply is extremely durable and water proof, already black so no painting is needed, and being in a pub if its gets damaged its as easy as getting a sheet for your local hardware store and replacing it. No waiting for custom made panels from manufactures-

  • Lasered ceilings with rondo track and installed screwed ply sheeting
  • Built Dj booth and deck
  • Built bathroom partitions
  • Supplied all materials
  • 4 week timeline was completed in 3 weeks

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