Decking – Hayman Island

Winning a tender TradeLyfe was contracted out to build 4 pool side decks. Not your ordinary decking, these sturdy 120 x 45 dressed F22 seasoned hardwood decks could with stand anything! from the salt in the air to tracking heavy staff trollies.

Due to these decks being at a prestige 6 star resort, extra requirements had to be meet. With double dressed seasoned boards we had no reeds for air flow to prevent moister build up so we installed ‘Protectadeck’ which is a flexible PVC product that sits on top up the joist but under the boards to prevent decay from moister.

Fixed down with corrosion resident stainless steel bugle screws and being so close to salt water these seasoned boards have a 6% swelling and shrinking rate (hot/wet weather) so they required gaps of 7.2mm wide. Maximum you can do on a commercial site is 8.5mm any wider there might be a few high heels getting stuck!

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