Bathroom Renovations Newport

Is your bathroom in need of a facelift? For quality bathroom renovations, call TradeLyfe.

Based in Newport, we are experts in home renovations and extensions. We also provide a variety of carpentry services, including decking.

At TradeLyfe, we take care to ensure all renovations fit your home’s existing layout and style, as well as your specifications. We want you to love your new bathroom for both its looks and functionality.

No job is too big or too small for our qualified and professional team. With almost 20 years’ experience in the renovation industry, we’re confident that you’ll love the end result. From retiling to repairs to creating a new bathroom entirely, TradeLyfe are the experts.

Quality Work from Start to Finish

Before we even pick up our tools, we speak with you to understand exactly what you want from your renovation. You may only want to alter a small part of your bathroom or you might want to remodel it entirely.

Whatever the case, we will inspect your bathroom and provide a detailed job outline and quote. Once you’re happy with this plan, we can begin. On average, it takes a week or two to remodel a bathroom. Over this period, we will renovate, waterproof and tile your bathroom.

For all plumbing and electrical needs, we use our qualified and professional partners. They can ensure all gas, hot and cold water, and wiring services are installed correctly and safely.

Once all work is complete, we walk you through the end product. If you have any modifications or concerns, we’re happy to make adjustments. We want you to be completely satisfied.

Call Us Today

TradeLyfe services all suburbs within a 20-kilometre radius of the Melbourne CBD, providing quality renovation and extension services. To find out more, call us today on 0401 263 021.